Senator Houck: Kill The Fees

By: hereinva
Published On: 8/8/2007 9:02:07 AM

I appreciate Senator Houck's no-nonsense approach to the transportation fee conundrum..VA legislators take note:

from Times Dispatch:

"This thing has just got everyone tied up in knots," said Houck, facing Republican Chris Yakabouski for a seventh term. "It's a bad idea, and it hasn't gotten any better. Don't amend it; don't fix it; don't tinker with it. Just get it the heck out of there."

Houck recognizes that citizens are outraged over the abuser fees- and that it requires more than lip service and "wait and see" positions to correct the problem.

"Drive a Stake In Its Heart"

Houck said the legislature could scuttle the penalties when it returns to Richmond in January. He said he would favor a pre-election special session of the General Assembly only to "drive a stake in its heart," but the business of the session would have to be limited to the fees.

A number of top Democrats have urged repeal, but Houck's request to the Division of Legislative Services represents a further sharpening of distinctions between his party and the Republican majority, which pushed for the fees as an alternative to higher taxes for transportation.

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No kidding...didn't he vote for it? (Dianne - 8/8/2007 9:16:27 AM)