Happy Father's Day

By: Andrea Chamblee
Published On: 6/17/2007 3:14:43 PM

My Dad died almost 2 years ago this week.

I was trying to write his obituary. He had been  a computer software and hardware expert, beginning in the days before there were such experts.  He had worked for IBM when IBM made typewriters, in 1960-63, even before he was the first person in his family to graduate college. Then he worked on teams that automated Wall Street and the airlines.

The IT field being what it is, I could not remember the dates for the places he had worked.  He had spent so much time on the computer that I hoped he had posted a resume on there somewhere.  So I googled his name.

This is what I found out about my Father. He was a troll.  And this is what I found out about Washington.
He didn't post a resume on line. But he did troll conservative sites, and loved to post provocative comments. He used his Real Name.

He was accused of serving in Vietnam with John Kerry by swiftboaters.  He was told he gave "scumbag" a bad name.  Someone stole his name, the eponymous "James Chamblee," and claimed Chamblee had converted to the true neo-con-ism.

When he hadn't posted for a few weeks after his death, the chats started asking about him.  "Where is Jim Chamblee?" I responded, saying he had passed away.  Some of the regulars who loved the back-and-forth, including many who disagreed with him, circulated a sympathy card and sent it to my Mother.

I have posted the obit of his interesting life here.  He had started writing a journal about Washington politics, which I have started to post here.

Now go tell your Dad he's the greatest.


Our house was the one with 2 dozen cement boats under construction in the front yeard (Andrea Chamblee - 6/17/2007 3:51:45 PM)