A defense to the false allegations against Next Gen Dems on NLS and whackjob

By: pitin
Published On: 5/4/2007 5:55:32 PM

I am posting here a response to an illegitimate coordinated attack by dailywhackjob and ben tribbet of NLS.  NLS and I have had problems since he endorsed a Republican in 2005.  I like to remind people of his endorsement of Michael Golden, and for some reason this botheres him. (he must be sad that the one Republican he chose to endorse lost by 20 points)

I am being attacked because earlier today I sent out an e-mail asking Democratic bloggers to unlink to a fellow blogger who was using racial slurs such as beaner and spic in addition to glorying attacks on minoritiesE

arly this morning, I swung by dailywhackjob and was completely floored to see that on a "progressive" blog they were openly glorifying violence against minorities and using words like spic and beaner.  I wrote a comment asking the authors knew the weight of the words that they were using.  In which Greg (whackjob) said he was aware, and then used the word again.  Can you imagine someone using the N-word and trying to get away with it?

So I e-mailed other bloggers and asked if it was appropriate to continue linking to and associating with such a vile person.  In fact, Greg even posted my e-mail here So Gregs defense is to team up with NLS in order to try to discredit my organization and two fantastic candidates that had nothing to do in this personal dispute.
I would also like to address what is obviously an attack by ben and feeding him false information so that Greg can defend himself with outlandish lies and ben has an opportunity at revenge against me (again, my only insult to ben was reminding people of his own public actions in the 2005 cycle).  A few people have told me that ben has been asking around about NGD for a few weeks now which is why I was already writing a diary (mentioned in the May 1st comment) and published a few minutes ago here on RaisingKaine, Draft diary of NGD endorsment process

As for the charges Greg makes (and "picked up" by NLS seconds later).  They in short, acuse us of this weird elaborate scheme that includes us endorsing a candidate, raising money for the PAC handing that money over to the candidate as a contribution, and than having that candidate pay us personally out of their campaign accounts.  So he is accusing the entire NGD board, Morris Meyer and his entire campaign staff as well as Janet Oleszek and her entire of all being in a coordinated scheme.

That being said, right now we have only endorsed Morris and Janet, and have a second round coming in the week of June that the board has already voted on as can be evidenced by my comment made on May 1st here at RaisingKaine

If they really had done any attempt at research they would have seen this comment in November of '06 It's candidates under 40 for "unrestricted funds", or regular old donations. What we really want to do is engage young candidates, there are a lot of organizations mobilizing young voters, but none on the candidate end. Older candidates generally have more connections (be they professional or political) that young candidates don't, so we're trying to level the playing field.

Keep in mind though, that our "ear marked donations" to support young staff, can go to any candidates, regardless of age, as long as they fit our values.

Janet's campaign receives the earmarked contributions.  They in fact did not receive a check from NGD until after I left her campaign (I was only hired through the first quarter, March 31st, because I am still a full-time student).  Furthermore, my salary was paid for directly by the Caucus.  My salary did not come from Janet's campaign I was "in-kinded" to her.

Janet's campaign gets $250 a month (written or raised) in contributions that are earmaked to pay Grant Herring on top of the market rate of $500 a month that the campaign pays him.  Keep in mind that Grant does not have a vote in the endorsement process of NGD (those are privy to the exec board of myself, Mike and Sean).

For Morris being 42 isn't an issue because, we changed the endorsement age for unrestricted funds to 45 in January of this year, long before Mike was employed by Morris and long before Morris received a check from NGD. 

Morris afford Mike a job helping him set up his campaign and get off the ground, however Morris was so impressed with Mike's work he asked him to stay on be Campaign Manager.  Nate was hired by the caucus and placed with Janet and through that brought Grant on as an intern.  Nate left Janet's campaign but they choose to keep Grant on and hire him.


FYI (pitin - 5/4/2007 6:15:23 PM)
if anyone is wondering why I brought it over to RaisingKaine, it is because ben has blocked my IP and thus is not allowing me to respond to his ludacris accusations on his site where he made them.

Nate, you need to substantiate that charge (Lowell - 5/4/2007 6:40:22 PM)
about Ben being "kicked out" of the Democratic Party.  If not, I'm going to delete this. 

allright I took out the charge (pitin - 5/4/2007 6:53:57 PM)
clearly I'm not at the FCDC archive room to scan in minutes from the meeting.

Am I allowed to ask why ben is no longer a member of FCDC?

Ben Was Kicked Out of Democratic Party After 2005 Elections (knot larry sabato - 5/5/2007 10:57:51 AM)

Nate is correct about Ben Tribbett being kicked out of the Democratic Party after he authored an endorsement in a Republican-paid flyer for Republican candidate Michael Golden, who got his butt kicked by Democrat Dave Marsen in November 2005.

Several weeks later near the end of 2005, Tribbett received a letter from the Fairfax County Democratic Committee throwing him out of the Party for violating party rules and supporting Republicans against Democrats.  The letter, as required, gave Tribbett 10 days to respond before the action was final.

Tribbett did not appeal.

This issue has been raised repeatedly on NLS, but Ben immediately takes down such posts as he did to Nate/pitin yesterday.

I don't often agree with pitin's logic or his way of doing business, but in this instance he is correct.  One of you big time bloggers ought to ask FCDC to see the letter.

Maybe once and for all, some of you would understand how much Ben carries water for Tom Davis and so many other Republicans while trashing good Democrats running for office.

It's time to tell the truth about Tribbett.  Follow the money...

How can you be "thrown out of the party" (Lowell - 5/5/2007 11:17:45 AM)
if you're not an elected official?  And even then, as we've seen with Benedict Lambert, it's not easy to get yourself "thrown out."  Frankly, I won't believe this until someone shows me some strong evidence. Until then, it's all just gossip and rumor, and as with all gossip and rumor, I assume that it's false until proven otherwise.

Actually (Greg Bouchillon - 5/4/2007 7:00:57 PM)
You need to substantiate the following:

1. Obvious attack by Ben - no, frankly, I don't talk to Ben. Get your facts straight.
2. Your scheme is wrong. I just say that you endorse candidates who you are being paid by. You have it reversed there. And since you have no funds up until the last few days, your offer makes no sense. Calm down, practice reading comprehension.
3. Janet is still over 60, you need to clear these errors in your new website, on your act blue page, and not in the comments of some blogger account.

Nate, your little drama fest today has been nothing but a distraction. One day, maybe you'll understand reality and step right just a tiny bit to enjoy it. Until then, I wouldn't presume to be the correctness police. It's unbecoming.

... (pitin - 5/4/2007 7:21:25 PM)
1) ok, so ben's not involved.  Doesn't change the fact that You used the most derogatory word against Latinos, I let other bloggers know, and then you made false allegations.
2)Not a single candidate received an endorsment of NGD either before or during my employment with them, only After.
3)I was in the process of doing that because I saw these questions coming (which is what led me to believe ben suggested this line of attack to you). fully explained in the diary preceding this one http://www.raisingka...

That's the most deragatory word (Greg Bouchillon - 5/4/2007 7:54:07 PM)
Nate, dear, if you think the word beaner is the most derogatory word used against latinos, you need to get out of NOVA a little. In fact, go over to DWJ and see the examples Phil has come up with (Phil, you might have learned by now, is Latino, and uses that word often, in the snarky manner that DWJ is accustomed, just like the word pillow biter gets tossed around).

Nate, the only reason I took off after you was because of the nasty comments you made about my weight. Now, it may have nothing to do with race, but it's along the same lines. Identifying a physical feature and denoting it as inferior. Mine was made in jest, yours was made in anger.

No one is going to win from this Nate, but I have much less of a reputation to protect and I don't have a very visible PAC to defend, plus most of these people know me for who I am (pillow biter only begins to scratch the surface). I'll take an apology from you on the fat comments and this will be done.

Bettter Check Morris' Finance Reports (blue dawg - 5/5/2007 11:15:41 AM)
Because I did and January is not "long beofre Mike was employed by Morris and long before Morris received a check from NGD."

Mike first got paid by Morris on Jan 1st, oh and again on Jan 22nd.  Also Mike inkinded his services Jan 1st and Feb 1st.  Generally you don't get paid for services that you have not yet rendered, so that makes me think that yes Mike was working for him when you guys decided to endorse him and change the age liimits.

Oh and you guys need to learn how to negotiate better contracts.  First time staff on the Kaine race in 2005 made $1700/month.