Veterans Health Services: not another "band-aid"

By: hereinva
Published On: 3/6/2007 5:29:07 PM

Now that the conditions at Walter Reed have been brought to light, and a new commission has been created to study the problem, [http://www.washingto...]
lets hope that the new commission is not another
bucket of water to put out a soon to be forgotten fire.

As late as 2003, the final report
of the "Presidents Task Force to Improve Health Care Delivery For Our Nations Veterans" was issued. The final report was issued on a now defunct web site ( you can get an interim pdf report from an archived web site : [http://web.archive.o...]

In his review of the 2003 report, Congressman John B. Larson, (D-CT) noted that

One of the major issues addressed in the report is the mismatch between the demands faced by the Department of Veterans Affairs and resources it has been allotted. The Task Force expressed concern that this mismatch affects the delivery of timely heath care to veterans and impedes efforts to improve collaboration between the VA and Department of Defense (DOD) to ensure that the health care needs of veterans are met. It found that due to the number of veterans seeking access to their healthcare system, those with service-connected disabilities and indigent veterans have been faced with diminished access to care.
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So, here it is four years later 2007:
We have a new congress, with newly elected leader/veterans like Senator James Webb. Its time to get this right...and not slap another "band-aid" on Veteran's health care needs.