Racist Delegate Hargrove Getting some National Attention!! [Update] INTERNATIONAL!!

By: pitin
Published On: 1/17/2007 1:40:23 AM

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It turns out that Delegate Hargrove's comments in regards to the Commonwealth formally apologizing for slavery are getting some serious attention.  He said "Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?...I personally think that our black citizens should get over it,".

It seems that the national attention is getting in on the action of letting the world know of the Racist in the Virginia GOP.

In the Washington Post (hat tip Lowell), you have a great article, and I like this quote the best...

"People ought to have learned a lesson from this past year's senatorial campaign in Virginia," Callahan said. "We live in a different age as far as sensitivity goes and personal feelings. Particularly in a legislative body, where we operate in a goldfish bowl, we ought to be very careful about what we say in public."
(emphasis mine)

So Callahan thinks it's OK to be a racist, JUST NOT IN PUBLIC, sheesh.

Then, on MSNBC (hat tip Waldo
Mr Hasgrove makes the Front Page.

Doing a quick Google News Search you find 138 articles (mostly reprints of the AP story) published in the last 24 hours.

[UPDATE]The story has gone international, with the AP story being picked up in the UK,France (english language) andIsrael (english Language)
More importantly than the international or national attention that we get, is how we respond here in Virginia.  Taking a quick look at VPAP it appears that Del. Hargrove only has $1,606 in the bank!  With that little money, and the negative attention he is getting, he seems like a prime target for the 2007 General Elections.  But it appears that Delegate Hargrove hasn't been challenged by a Democrat since at least 1997 (VPAP doesn't go further back, perhaps someone can fill me in with the exact date).

So what do we do, We Fight Back, We need to find a challenger to Hargrove, and PRONTO!  Adam Sharp, from The Daily WhackJob and the Virginia Young Democrats has put out a call for a candidate to challenge Hargrove, please pass this on to anyone who has the will or the qualifications to defeat Hargrove.  Follow the links for Adam's E-mail.

As soon as you contact Adam, have any potential candidate e-mail me at ngdpac[at]gmail[dot]com so we can get them a questionnaire and hopefully a check ASAP.


Personally, (pitin - 1/17/2007 1:41:33 AM)
I'm shocked at the Delegates behavior and lack of apology, the Virginia GOP is really starting to show its true colours.

Shame on Us (K - 1/17/2007 9:27:01 AM)
Some times I'm just embarrassed that I live in one of the more backward states in the country.

But this jerk makes me ashamed. Ashamed, that is, not just by what one of our elected legislators said, but because the overwhelming majority of Virginians don't really mind his having said it.

No wonder the rest of the country sneers at racist, homobigoted Virginia.

Phew. I guess that does it. (JPTERP - 1/17/2007 10:04:10 AM)
They say these things come in threes.

George Allen.  Then Virgil Goode.  Then Delgate Hargrove.

Hopefully that means that the racist vein has run its course.  Virginia has taken a beating recently.

Terps v VA (Andrea Chamblee - 1/17/2007 12:45:48 PM)
JP, are you a Terp? Can you believe last night's basketball game?

Missed it. (JPTERP - 1/17/2007 1:57:45 PM)
It sounds like the U of M could have used Juan Dixon and Steve Blake.

Ibekwe needs lessons from Walt Williams (Andrea Chamblee - 1/17/2007 2:56:19 PM)
They're built alike, but Ibekwe needs more control in his play. It was ugly for most of the game except that 13 point run. I am from Buck William's day myself (ouch - aging myself big time, but i least I saw the best!)

Sorry - off topic! Thanks for indulging.

hargrove (pvogel - 1/17/2007 10:24:40 AM)
well well well, either hes sorry about slkavery, or he will be sorry he opened his mouth.
We expect more from our elected officials, even if its just keep your racist views to yourself.
I am official saying that I am sorry he is a delegate.

Hearing the racist radio guys on wmal,  it seems sure to me that the Grand Old party is continuing to sink, and the rats still are trying to stay above the water, next the deck chairs will be rearaaged, and the band will play on

Comedy Central on Hargrove (Andrea Chamblee - 1/17/2007 11:13:25 AM)
I think it was Colbert who mentioned him last night; I was multi-tasking and can't be sure.

Any you tube link??? (thegools - 1/17/2007 2:48:03 PM)

looking but no YouTube today... (Andrea Chamblee - 1/17/2007 2:57:55 PM)
Try here?

Damage to our Economy (brimur - 1/17/2007 11:07:07 AM)
Bigoted statements like these have the capacity to do much more harm than just offend people- they actually might impair Virginia's ability to attract global talent and investment which is what will allow us to remain competitive economically into the future. The Virginia of yesterday needs to recede to the Virginia of today, fast.

Pitin (Reen - 1/17/2007 11:45:04 AM)
I saw somewhere that Hargrove will retire and a son may step up on the R side.

Olbermann (Newport News Dem - 1/17/2007 9:31:25 PM)
On Countdown tonight, Keith Olbermann gave mention to the quotes. Alas, poor Delegate Hargrove did not have his name mentioned

McEachin was just on CNN as well. (phriendlyjaime - 1/17/2007 9:44:41 PM)
They did a 3 or 4 minutes segmant with discussion from the guests...pretty interesting.  What struck me most was that most people understand that this bill is not to say that an individual who never had a personal tie to slavery should  feel that they need to apologize for it, but that an INSTITUTION making a public apology for an event in the past that it took a part in does indeed say something to people and is not a bad thing.  Newspapers in the North East have printed apologies in the paper for containing ads for slavery; Congress routinely makes a public apology for past events and by putting the apology on record it is seen as symbolic, respected, and just.

There were clips of many involved; and I had to giggle at the shot of Dan Gray :) ;it was pretty cool.

And by the way (phriendlyjaime - 1/17/2007 9:51:33 PM)
I find it funny that Republicans screamed and yelled that Allen couldn't be a racist because he introduced an anti lynching bill in 2005.  Well, I wasn't aware that we were lynching people in 2005, so I assume that that bill was symbolic but it was ok that time bc it was made by a Republican.

Or let me guess; as always, the Republicans weren't paying attention to governing bc the Republicans were in charge and they were just happy for that as opposed to caring about the outcome.

From the article above:

During the past two years, as Allen has flirted with the idea of running for president in 2008, he has introduced symbolic anti-lynching legislation in the Senate and promised to lead the charge for an official apology for slavery.

Is that (Newport News Dem - 1/17/2007 9:55:57 PM)
Soon to be Senator McEachin????

man... (pitin - 1/17/2007 11:57:47 PM)
I'm really pissed that I missed that segment, was it as good as it sounds?

Hold the Presses (Newport News Dem - 1/17/2007 9:54:11 PM)
Hargrove is runnr-up in the "Worse Person in the World"..

Hargrove (Mark - 1/17/2007 9:54:55 PM)
Runner-up for the "Worst Person In the World!".

Seriously, Virginia is known as the home of racist nutjobs now.

Fear of apology (Kindler - 1/17/2007 9:51:54 PM)
One of the fascinating things here is to see the Repubs so terrified of a non-binding resolution apologizing for something our ancestors did.

Can someone explain to me what it is they're so pathologically afraid of?

Admitting they were wrong n/t (Mark - 1/17/2007 10:10:30 PM)