Amir's E-mail

By: pitin
Published On: 11/17/2006 12:14:56 AM

Today, I received perhaps the best written and most inspirational e-mail I have ever received.

Let's all support Ciro Rodriguez, and CONTRIBUTE.  There is one race left this year, put the cork back on your champagne bottle, game's not over yet.

The E-mail I received was from Amir a resident of TX-23 and was in response to this comment that I had written on Kos' diary TX-23: Update from Texas

I was on the ground for the March Primary

and wanted to point out that the "field program" and "GOTV" program were not created until about 2 weeks out from the election, and only then by the "parachute team" (of which I was a part).  There are many reasons for Ciro's failure (that I don't want to go into in public), but let me just say that THIS IS THE ONLY WAY CIRO WILL WIN

I hate to be this blunt about it, but he had NO FIELD PROGRAM, it hurts my soul to think of all the effort the netroots put into his primary, to lose it.  I was dumbfounded to find a campaign in this day and age without field.

Kos, thanks for publishing this publicly, this is a seat we can win with the right campaigners.

Well it seems that Amir is one of "the right campaigners", he giving everything that he can, and he is working from the heart.

Please allow me to publish Amir's e-mail.


My name is Amir XXXXXX, and I'm a resident of District 23 in San Antonio, TX.  I read your comment today on DKos, and I have to say that while I'm glad that this race is getting attention from the Netroots movement, I don't see the kind of push we're going to need to pull this off.

I am writing to you because I do not have the kind of pull you have over at the DKos and I was hoping you could help me help out Ciro by making a pitch to the Netroots community to contribute money to Ciro's campaign.  I do not dispute that Ciro has some campaigning shortcomings, but so does Bonilla.  

The difference is the 2 million dollar war chest that Bonilla has can compensate for his shortcomings.  However, Bonilla is extremely vulnerable this year, and he may not necessarily be vulnerable in 2008.  The special election next month is a great pick-up opportunity for the Democrats,

and would be a major morale boost for Texas Democrats!

Most of my neighbors and coworkers are conservatives, and many tend to vote Republican, but they are fed up with Bonilla.  I have been pounding the pavement and making the rounds getting the word out about the lousy job Bonilla has done for this district.  People here respect Ciro, and would be willing to give him another chance to serve our community.  I have personally convinced many people to pledge their support for Ciro and put signs in their yards, etc.

Together with Ciro's traditional grass-roots support base, which is great at getting out the vote, I believe that our local online community can be the difference maker that pushes Ciro over the top.  I am hoping that a small group of committed Netroots activists here in San Antonio, myself

included, can help Ciro beat Bonilla by taking the campaign online, but again, we need help from the rest of the online community.

So, if you could please cast this message as far and as wide as possible, and urge the community to donate to Ciro at I know we can make this happen together.  Don't give up on Texas Democrats; we can start by helping elect someone that truly represents the people of this district.  Any other ideas

or suggestion y'all might have would be welcome.

Thank You,