Generic Polls Bounce Back for Democrats

By: lauralib
Published On: 11/6/2006 11:58:24 AM

Bush motivating his base --- look closely at the faces

You've noticed a few polls showing the GOP closing the gap in the generic polling? 

Look at the newest ones:

Likely Voters'
Choice for Congress

CNN Nov. 3-5
58% (D) 38% (R)  +20 Dem

Newsweek Nov. 2-3  +16 Dem
54% (D) 38% (R)

Time Nov. 1-3  +15 Dem
55% (D) 40% (R)

ABC/W.Post Nov. 1-4
51% (D) 45% (R)

Pew Nov. 1-4
47% (D) 43% (R)

And over the weekend, according to CNN, the
President's approvals were down:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush's popularity has dipped to 35 percent, according to a new CNN poll, with 41 percent of likely voters saying their disapproval of his performance will affect their vote in Tuesday's elections for control of Congress.

Sixty-one percent of the 1,008 adult Americans who responded to the Opinion Research Corp. poll said they disapproved of the way Bush is handling his job as president, according to the survey. The poll was conducted by telephone Friday through Sunday.