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By: pitin
Published On: 11/1/2006 7:37:27 PM

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Tom Davis has spent weeks launching misleading attacks on Andy's immigration policies. But do we really know where Davis stands on immigration?

This video exposes the hypocrisy and blatant pandering that characterize Tom Davis. Can we really trust this man to deal with our immigration problems?

Where Does Davis Stand on Immigration? 
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That was a great diary (GrumpyCareBear24 - 11/1/2006 8:34:06 PM)
I like putting the two next videos of him contradicting himself next to each other at the end.

Influence peddling goes beyond money (RangerRick - 11/1/2006 9:21:39 PM)
Here's a real good reason to pull back some of that power. 4 years ago Congressman Davis's stepdaughter, Ashley, went on a violent interstate crime spree up and down the east coast with two male companions that included narcotics, robbing liquor stores, car-jacking, and armed robbery of a pedestrian right here in Fairfax County. The federal prosecutors only pressed charges for one of the many crimes. They were all found guilty. The Congressman's stepdaughter was sentenced to a minimum of 9 years in the federal prison system. She did not cooperate with the police and even tried to sabatoge the investigation by lying to the investigators. Early this year, after she completed less than half of her minimum, the feds quietly released her. Her two male friends are still doing hard time, and neither of them got a transfer to a much nicer little place close by.

Influence?  How about strategy, too, because the victims of her crimes that she was never tried for, including the armed robberies, probably don't know that she's out. That means if any of them want to at least get justice through a lawsuit, they don't know that the clock is ticking, since there is a time limit after a convict is release from prison for the victim to sue.

Of all his campaign promises, the Congressman hasn't promised to make the streets of the 11th district safer.


criminal convictions and doing time (Andrea Chamblee - 11/2/2006 1:51:27 AM)
has always been about money.  I'm hesitant to attack Tom for a kid's behavior, since so many families, including mine, have someone struggling with drugs in the fold.  I'm more concerned about Tom Davis's crimes with Abramoff, DeLay and Safarian, since it's insidious and affects our ability to govern.  Did you hear he sent his former Staff Director to ask for no jail time for Safarian, who's wife works for Davis?  The judge decided Safarian took so much money, and showed so little remorse, that he was going to jail. Now he'll join Abramoff in naming names.  Tom - are you packed for the Big House?

Terry Schiavo anyone????? (totallynext - 11/2/2006 7:18:27 PM)
I really think the money would have been better spent on Terry Schiavo and pointing people to Tom Davis Wilkipedia


Pretty funny - all of that K Street / Abramoff ties.  I do not know why we cannot get tracsion on this.

"Tom Davis - says he brings home the pork"  Pork is not the only shaving he has been doing.  See