Andrew Hurst (VA-11) Launches Official Blog

By: pitin
Published On: 9/11/2006 10:24:03 AM

The Andrew Hurst for Congress campaign has launched their Official Blog,

Andrew Hurst is taking on Tom Davis a member of the class of 1994 who has been caught lying about receiving oil money claiming "I have never taken a nickel from oil companies," when in fact he has taken $117,000+, Tom Davis Lies about OIL MONEY and Gets BUSTED!!!.  There was also a front page Washington Post Article detailing Tom Davis's influence peddling scandal, WaPo Front Page Article Exposes Corrupt Republican Rep. Tom Davis!

Andrew Hurst is a great candidate, and he's fighting back, he has Filed Formal Complaints against Tom Davis for abusing the Franking Privilege, and has Called for Tom Davis to resign the Chairmanship of the Government Reform Committee.
I encourage you all to visit  This is going to be a clearing house for all information coming out of the blogosphere (both Virginia and National)

Below is the first posting of the Hurst 2006 blog.  

Hello Readers,

This is the first post to the Hurst 2006 Blog.  As the New Online Outreach Coordinator for the Hurst 2006 campaign I have decided to start up a blog dedicated to the VA-11 race.  I have started this blog realizing that we are only about 8 weeks out, and might not have enough time to build a readership big enough to justify it's existence.  However, I will be updating this blog regularly (multiple times a day) with information pertinent to the Hurst-Davis (VA-11) Congressional race, Webb-Allen (VA) US Senate Race and other national issues.  I hope that this new blog will be a one-stop source to all bloggers interested in writing about Northern Virginia Politics.

The first item I want to highlight is an excellent letter to the editor written by the publisher of demnan's quest blog.  While the Post decided not to print this letter, I thought it was very well written and wanted to share if with you, among some choice readings...

The 11th District has a viable alternative to Tom Davis. Andrew Hurst is running as a Democrat for Congress. Andrew Hurst has a history as community political activist, smart lawyer and defender of the innocents involved in the Whitewater scandals. Andrew Hurst has some pragmatic ideas on how to deal with everything from the Iraq war to Government Reform. If you want to throw out the old corrupt government of the past and usher in something different, I suggest you take a look at Andrew Hurst. At least you won't have to worry about who owns Andrew Hurst. His campaign is b uilt from grassroots organization and the work of volunteers, not PAC money.
So the next time you're driving down Route 123 or some other local road snarled in traffic, just count all the Tom Davis signs you read, and wonder who bought them. Then maybe you'll vote and contribute to Andrew Hurst.
emphasis mine

Another great story, The Fisch Fry documenting Tom Davis's involvement in intimidating Governor Kaine by threatening to cut off Federal Funds from the Metro extension project if he went with the tunnel option.  What is of note here, is that with the tunnel option dead, the Bechtel Corporation will continue to manage the project.  It is important to note that Bechtel has given the maximum of $5,000 to Tom Davis this year, and has a running total of $11,000 from the firm and $20,000 from a former executive according to

Finally, of course to note, is Andrea Chamblee (best opposition research I've seen so far on blogs) diary that you most likely have read already.  It was front paged on Raising Kaine and "diary rescued" on DailyKos, Tom Davis has ties to Abramoff's and the K Street Project though super-lobbyist Dan Mattoon.  But the research was so great, I just had to include it here.

Please never hesitate to write me at ndelapiedra[at]yahoo[dot]com, with suggestions, tips, compliments or complaints.

-Nate de la Piedra

Nate de la Piedra is the Online Outreach Coordinator for the Andrew Hurst for Congress 2006 Campaign.  The ideas expressed herein belong to Nate de la Piedra and do not necessarily represent those of Andrew Hurst, his advisors, staff, or "The Campaign".


Thanks Nate! (demnan - 9/11/2006 1:27:36 PM)
I want to thank Nate for mentioning my blog.  That was quite an honor.

damnan, I ought to thank you (pitin - 9/11/2006 3:28:07 PM)
That was a brilliant letter, and I just wanted to share it.

Superb..... (bladerunner - 9/11/2006 3:03:53 PM)
I love this and will be visiting often, cause I am not fooled by Tom Davis BS. Whenever he goes after that Senate seat he'll be going even further to the right to. His signing of that supena to get the Government to intefere with Terri Schiavo's wishes to pass with dignity is scary. Of course that move was for his Neo conservative base which he'll come back to in the near future.

People are going to be continually surprised at just how amazing Andy is. He didn't get this far in life twiddling his thumbs. He will fight with success all the way to the end, and I believe the people of the 11th district will be happy with their new congressman. HE's a shaker and a mover. Again tell everyone you can about this sight.

Love that line about who bought Davis signs.