Informal focus group test - RE: New Webb Ad

By: JennyE
Published On: 9/10/2006 2:51:27 PM

I've been very torn on this whole "controversy" issue. I decided to get some feedback strictly from Republican friends of mine. Yeah, I had to do it because of the nagging feeling.

I mentioned the Nancy Reagan angle so it factored in their impressions. I sent them the link to the ad on YouTube. I called them up to hear what their thoughts were: Here's their response in the best way I can paraphrase.

1."I don't see anything wrong with it. Good ad"

2. " Webb served in Vietnam? News to me. I'm impressed. nothing scandalous about what I saw. I was impressed with what I heard"

3. "Hot air from Nancy. I never liked her anyways. It is an appealing ad."

4. "Jenny, I need to read more about this guy. I liked what I saw."

5. "Straighforward campaign ad. charming guy. good voice too." Yes, she used "charming".

So there it is - I guess I was wrong on this, being too cautious and all. Webb should run it at full bore. :) 


brilliant stroke (firestorm1 - 9/10/2006 11:06:16 PM)
The effect of this mini 'controversy' is free marketing of this brilliant piece.

Go for it. Nancy is going to find another astrologer to tell her what to do.