The Democratic Reunion: 100 Days, 100 Voters, 100 Actions

By: pitin
Published On: 6/29/2006 1:01:24 PM

just saw this diary over at DailyKos.  It's posted by Tracy Joan, official blogger for the DNC and a good friend of mine.  I think we should participate, and I know the Fairfax Young Dems will be.  Please shoot over to DailyKos and rec it there, or make a comittment here to participate.

Mark your calendars:  July 29th we all take a huge leap forward.

Last year we took the first step.  On November 15th we held the National Organizing Kick-off.  Across the country Democrats gathered together and starting putting the pieces together to organize in every state, district and precinct.

Then in April we held the Neighbor-to-Neighbor National Organizing Day.  It was an unprecedented effort.  Six months before an election, holding a 50-State Canvass, and together we talked to over a million voters.

July 29th is going to be bigger and better.  July 29th Democrats across the country will once again gather together for The Democratic Reunion.

Governor Dean described The Democratic Reunion in an e-mail he sent today:

  The Democratic Reunion will be a series of events across the country, in every single state, that will bring people back into the political process and remind everyone who wants change that we're all in this fight together for the last 100 days.

  Your local Democratic Reunioncan be a social event like a picnic, a voter contact event like a canvass, or a campaign event with local candidates. The only requirement is that you come together with your neighbors on July 29th and kick off 100 days of work to build your local network and win this November.

It's that simple.  We get together and make a commitment to ourselves, to each other and to our Party.  With 100 Days left until the election, we will each contact 100 voters.  We will take 100 actions to move our country forward.  That's what the 50-State Strategy looks like in action.

You can host an event yourself, or you can hook into one already being planned by your state party.

You can invite your friends and family, your neighbors or your co-workers.  You can tailor it to sync into your local candidates campaign plan or you can strike out on your own and be the representative for change in your community.

It's up to you.

We've done some of the work to get you started.  We have a resource center available and we will be updating and adding to it as we get closer to July 29th.

But the real work is yet to be done and the power to do it lies in precincts across the nation, where ordinary Americans like you and me take on the extraordinary task of building up our Party, leveraging our power to win in November and changing the direction of our country.


As of now (pitin - 6/29/2006 1:04:43 PM)
there are only two events scheduled in VA right now, but not too shabby considering that this program was announced today.  This is exactly the type of event we need to participate in if we want to turn VA blue for good in '06, '08 and beyond.

Please consider hosting or running an event.  Or at the very least, getting in touch with your local committee chairperson, and urging them to organize an event.

So rec'ing this (Tracy Joan - 6/29/2006 3:21:59 PM)
is like reccing my own diary...weird..

Tracy (pitin - 6/29/2006 3:46:36 PM)
Welcome to Raising Kaine, be sure to keep us updated on all the happenings in DC, and what ya'll are doing with the 50 state strategy.

Tracy (phriendlyjaime - 6/29/2006 4:35:55 PM)
I hope you don't mind that it was crossposted here-it is great info, so thanks!

Oh, welcome.  :)

Are you kidding? (Tracy Joan - 6/29/2006 4:40:42 PM)
I'm thrilled!

Virginia is one of my adopted states!  I worked in Fairfax for Dave Marsden during the Kaine campaign and you all were raising hell!

It was awesome!

I hope to be able to contribute more to this site.