Will Mark Warner Actively Campaign for Webb?

By: JennyE
Published On: 6/16/2006 3:30:22 PM

If the Webb campaign can get Mark Warner to fully commit to campaigning for Webb and to do so early, Webb will win this. But will Warner jump at this opportunity or does he see it as a liability for his presidential run?

The Rothenberg Political Report sheds some light on this:

Of course Warner will endorse and back Webb in the race, even though the Senate nominee opted to withhold a potential 2008 endorsement for his fellow Virginian on NBC's Hardball. But if Warner invests significant time and energy into the race and helps Webb defeat one of the Republicans' top 2008 presidential contenders, it could vault the former governor ahead of his rivals going into 2007. But if Webb is viewed as "Warner's candidate" and loses to Allen, he would remain with the rest of the pack

I agree that its a win-win situation for Warner. A Webb win will make Mark Warner a shoo-in for the '08 Democratic nomination. But the decision to actively campaign for Webb ultimately rests with Warner. I hope he does.

Update from the DSCC
VIRGINIA: Jim Webb, coming off Tuesday+GGs primary win, narrowed George Allen+GGs lead to just 10 points, 51% - 41% in a new Rasmussen poll. Allen led Webb by 20-points, (50-30) in late April