On Limousine Liberals, Cadillac Conservatives, and Four-Letter Words

By: Teddy
Published On: 5/12/2005 1:00:00 AM

Oh joy.  As a former, long-time Republican, I have received yet another campaign letter from Jerry Kilgore, begging for my financial support in the race for Governor of Virginia.  Of course, since I am no longer a Republican (by the way, the party left me, I didn't leave the party!), I'm not interested.  But even if I were still a Republican, this letter would be a turnoff.  What a nonsensical mishmash!

According to Mr. Kilgore, for example, the Kaine campaign is comprised of nothing but ?limousine liberals, Hollywood leftists, radical special interests and the angry Clinton/Dean/Kennedy national Democrats.? This clogged conglomerate of cliched code words must mean something to the already brainwashed, but to a detached outside observer, it smacks of demagogic ravings. Doesn?t his base ever get sick of hearing the same well-worn, Overused Fundraising Buzz Words (TM)?

These letters are somewhat amusing, though, I've got to say.  Personally, I am still sitting here laughing, scratching my head, trying to figure out what a "limousine liberal" really is and how Tim Kaine might possibly fit into this category.  I'm also curious: is a "limousine liberal" any different from a "Prius Progressive?"  Also, is a "limousine liberal" anything like a "Cadillac Conservative" or a "Rolls Royce  Reactionary," for that matter? 

Ironically, on the last category - "Rolls Royce Reactionary" - it is not Tim Kaine but Jerry Kilgore who seems to have an infinite supply.  Just look at his super-rich campaign donors, many of whom are from out of state.  Which, of course, makes Kilgore's complaints about Kaine?s ?bitter liberal millionaires from Hollywood to New York to Washington? rather ridiculous. (By the way, has anyone seen any "Hollywood  leftists" lurking around Virginia recently?  If so, can someone send me a few photos?)

As far as the word "liberal" is concerned, Kilgore uses it incessantly in his campaign letters, and certainly not in a good way either!  What's interesting is that when I?ve heard Jerry Kilgore speak and he actually speaks the word "liberal," it comes out as ?LBRL." This proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Kilgore regards "liberal" as nothing better than a four-letter word. 

Interestingly, in one campaign missive I received, Kilgore uses the word ?liberal" nine times -- compared to just five times for "conservative."  Hmm, is there an unintended message hiding in
there?  Perhaps about how attractive, interesting, powerful, even s-e-x-y (another four-letter word) those liberals are compared to conservatives?  Whatever, whoever, and wherever they are, that is.

In contrast to Mr. Kilgore's screeds, the letters I?ve received to date from the Kaine campaign don?t use a bunch of hackneyed, cliched flim-flam code words.  They even make sense -- what a concept!  In contrast to the moronic missives from Kilgore, the campaign letters from Kaine actually sound like he's thought things through, instead of just mindlessly repeating outdated code words borrowed  from a bunch of National Party Hack Writers (TM).

A man who thinks for himself, isn't surrounded by "Cadillac Conservatives" (and"Rolls Royce Reactionaries)," and who doesn't go around using four-letter words?  I'll tell you, I'm really starting to like this Tim Kaine guy!